Posted on October 28, 2020

Section 1. Objectives. The objectives of GONA shall include:

  • To preserve, maintain, and perpetuate the cultural heritage of the people of Gujarati origin in North America.
  • To assist and propagate cultural, educational, social, economic, and community affairs of the people of Gujarati origin in North America.
  • To promote establishment of Gujarati organizations in regions of North America where there are no such organizations and encourage other Gujarati organization to merge to GONA.
  • To organize periodic Gujarati literary, cultural, and educational conferences throughout the North American continent to promote the objectives of GONA.
  • To collaborate in the organization of Gujarati literary, cultural and educational conferences in other countries.
  • To foster friendship and understanding among Gujarati people, and between people of Gujarati origin and other people.
  • To raise, solicit, and collect funds and donations either directly or in cooperation with other not-for- profit organizations for cultural, educational, and charitable purposes in North America and abroad for the purpose of serving both the Gujarati community, local community of North America and the community at large.
  • Create a youth exchange program between USA born youth and India for them to learn our culture, visit their parents motherland and help youth of India in
    Different field, mainly sports.
  • Encourage youth to participate in local event like Marathon, participate in fund raising for event like cancer, diabetic, blood drive and any related events to promote our community.
  • Organize national wide celebration of event like Utran, Holi, Ganpati, Navratri and Diwali