Posted on October 28, 2020

Section 1. Composition. The General Body shall consist of all GONA Life members including Donor members.

Section 2. Members, Duties and Functions.
a) Unless otherwise expressly provided in these Bylaws, the General Body of GONA shall elect the officers and directors of GONA

b) Nothing in section 2(a) above shall limit the power of the Board of Directors under Section 2-413(c) of the Corporations and Associations Article of the Maryland Code in force on the date of adoption of these Bylaws, or any comparable statute, to remove any officer or agent of the corporation.

Section 3. Meetings.

a) Regular Meetings.

i) Frequency. A meeting of the General Body shall be held during each GONA National Conference. (General body consists of Executive committee, Directors, Donor members and life members). (as defined in Article XIII).

ii) No GONA Conference Held. If a GONA National Conference is not held for any reason, then a meeting of the General Body shall be convened within three (3) months of the second anniversary of the previous GONA National Conference or, if no GONA National Conference has been held within the preceding two (2) years, then within three (3) months of the second anniversary of the last General Body meeting.

iii) Where Held. General Body meetings may be held anywhere in North America.

iv) Teleconference. General Body meetings may only be conducted in person.

v) Notice. If a meeting of the General Body is to be held pursuant to subparagraph 3(a)(ii) of this Article, the Secretary shall give notice to all members of the date, time and place of such General Body meeting to no later than ninety (90) days before such meeting is to be held. Unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors, notice shall be deemed given to a member if sent to such member by one or more of the following means :
1. publication in the GONA Newsletter,
2. electronic mail addressed to the electronic mail address on file with the Secretary for such member, or
3. publication on the GONA web site.

vi) No Binding Action. The purpose of the General Body meeting is to provide a forum in which the Board of Directors may have an opportunity to discuss the affairs of GONA with GONA members and to receive feedback from the General Body concerning same. As such, the General Body shall not be authorized to take any action binding on GONA at the meeting.

vii) No Minutes. The Secretary shall not be required to keep or post any minutes of the General Body meetings.

viii) Quorum. Where no binding action may be taken by the General Body, no quorum is required.

b) Special Meetings. No Special Meetings. Special or extraordinary meetings of the General Body are expressly prohibited by these Bylaws. Neither the President nor any other officer, director or member of GONA, acting alone or in conjunction with other officers, directors or members of GONA, may call for any special or extraordinary meetings of the General Body.

Section 4. Objectives. The General Body shall work to promote the objectives of GONA.